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Answers to Your Most Common Questions

What can I expect at my first office visit?

Your first visit includes a consultation with the physician, a review of your patient history, x-rays when indicated and establishing a treatment plan. Every personal injury patient will receive a medical and chiropractic evaluation.


I do not have health insurance; can I still use your services?

Yes, there are different circumstances that do not require you to have health insurance coverage. Some patients are treated under an attorney lien and others are able to use the medical portion of their auto insurance policy.  Please contact our offices to learn more.

Can I still use your services after I have seen
my primary care physician?

Yes.  We will request a copy of your existing medical records and combine that with our physician's second opinion to form a treatment plan.  You can start on your path to healing using the services of more than one medical provider.


Do you have treatment for motorcycle injuries?

Our staff has family members who are riders and have been injured in motorcycle accidents.  Just like our family, you receive quality and compassionate care in our facilities.  If additional services are required, our staff will provide referrals to other providers that we trust.  Your recovery is important to us.

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